Upton Hall School FCJ

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The entrance exam for Upton Hall is very different to the new format – CEM 11 plus exam. Girls wishing to attend tutoring for this exam will need to familiarise themselves with the many different verbal reasoning question types (very similar to the ‘old 11+’). The closest matching commercial workbooks and tests are from GL assessment and Susan Daughtrey.

If you wish for your child to enter for both the Upton Hall exam and CEM 11 plus exam may require support as the content for each is very different.

The pass mark is a standardised score of 236 from 2 multiple choice Verbal Reasoning papers, 50 mins each (with a break in between). A standardised score uses your child’s age in years and months to convert from a raw score.


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Key Dates for ADMISSIONs - september 2019

21 JUNE 2018 - Summer Open Evening 5:30-8:00 PM

9 JULY 2018 -  Deadline for submission of Upton Hall School FCJ Application Forms to the school

End of Aug 2018- Letter sent to parents of applicants with Entrance Examination arrangements

10 SEPT 2018-  Year 6 pupils at Upton Hall School FCJ Entrance Examination

13 SEPT 2018- Year 6 SEN pupils sit Upton Hall School FCJ Entrance Examination also those who missed the previous date through illness and any additional candidates who could not be accommodated on Monda

20 SEPT 2018-  Autumn Open Evening, 5.30 pm to 8.00 p

BY 19 OCT 2018- Results of Upton Hall School FCJ Entrance Examination issued to parents of applicant

31 OCT 2018- Deadline for submitting Preference Form to L

1 MARCH 2019- Allocation Day